Alliance Schools Lead in Closing the Achievement Gap in ELA and Math

Earlier this week, our CEO, Dan Katzir, shared that Alliance schools significantly outperformed neighboring schools, as well as district and state averages in ELA and Math on the 2017 CAASPP.  Below are the graphs he shared.  
Inline image 1
What's even more exciting is that Ouchi surpassed the Alliance average of meeting or exceeding standards on both the ELA and Math CAASPP.  The Alliance average for proficiency was 70% (ELA) and 33% (Math), compared to Ouchi's 77.2% (ELA) and 36% (Math).  In fact, we are in the Top 5 of all Alliance high schools for both ELA and Math!  Kudos to the entire team for making this possible last year.  Let's work collectively to continue the growth this year as we set new records!
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