Alliance Ouchi-O'Donovan 6-12 Complex
Grades 9-12

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Ouchi High School Physical Education
Instructor:Jorge Artiaga

Parents and students my name is Jorge Artiaga a graduate from Dominguez Hills State University. Welcome to a new school year I am excited and motivated to be teaching Physical Education. I have a passion for staying active and getting students to achieve their potential.

I expect all students to be on time for class and ready to learn. All students will have 10 minutes to dress. Be aware that the facilities are small, so we will most likely have class at a near park. Please inform your child about the importance of listening and following rules on and off school grounds.

Class Rules: 1. Be prepared
2. Listen
3. No talking (raise hand)
4. Be polite
5. Respect (Teachers, students, and others)
6. Be on time
7. Work hard
8. No food or candy

Consequences: 1. Warning
2. Student time out
3. Instructor time out
4. Call home