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Dress Code & Uniform

Uniform Policy

We believe that student attire affects the learning environment of the school campus. Ouchi High School relies upon the good judgment and taste of both students and families with respect to grooming and appearance. Cleanliness, neatness, and due regard for the legitimate sensibility of other constitutes the basic goals and norms of the school. The following uniform requirements apply to all students of William & Carol Ouchi High School.
  • Uniform items, including pants, must be no smaller/larger than one size of the students regular clothing size.
  • Sweaters, sweatshirts, and jackets must be solid color without logos.
  • Head/hair accessories such as hats, bandanas, and beanies are not to be worn.
  • No attire may be worn that may be a distraction. Distraction attire includes but is not limited to accessories such as extra clothing pieces, and excessive and/or large pieces of jewelry.
  • Shirts must be tucked in at all times.

All students must wear the logo polo shirts available for purchase in the Main Office. The uniform shirts correspond to the following grade levels:
  • 9th Grade: White collared College-Ready Academy shirt, Khaki bottoms
  • 10th Grade: White collared College-Ready Academy shirt, Black bottoms
  • 11th Grade: Tan collared College-Ready Academy shirt, Black bottoms
  • 12th Grade: Grey collared College-Ready Academy shirt, Black College-Ready vest, Black bottoms
Shoes (SOLID COLORED black, grey, brown or white rubber-soled shoes)--no Uggs or fashionable flats

All pants, skirt or shorts must be of appropriate length (no more than 3 inches above the knee) Shoes must be flat, rubber-soled, closed-toed (black, brown or white) and no jellies. 

Prohibited Clothing 

The following clothing items are expressly prohibited: sweatpants, jeans, low rise and/or hip-hugger pants, short shorts, any clothing that does not properly cover the body, and any clothing that may be construed as having gang-affiliation (colored shoelaces, initialed belt buckles, "sagging"/oversized clothing, belts, etc.)
No RED or BLUE clothing, or any shade of these colors

Students enrolled in physical education must have a separate white T-shirt to wear for class. A supervised facility for changing with separate areas for boys and girls will be available. 

Out-of-Uniform Consequences 

Parents will be contacted immediately if the student is not adhering to the uniform policy. Students will be issued a temporary uniform shirt. 

The staff of Ouchi High School will conduct daily uniform checks.