Alliance Ouchi-O'Donovan 6-12 Complex
Grades 9-12

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Parent Info

Parent Volunteer Opportunities There are a number of ways you can volunteer and demonstrate your commitment at Ouchi High School. Parent volunteer service hours can be earned by directly supporting the school and by supporting you child academically. Each Family is encouraged to volunteer 40 hours per school year. 

 School Support Yard Supervision Monitor students and encourage them to behave appropriately during nutrition and/or lunch. 

 Arrival Supervision (School begins at 8:00am): Arrive at 7:45am and direct students into the school. Encourage Students to arrive on time to their first class, Make sure each student is wearing the school uniform. Encourage students to dress appropriately (tucked in shirt, pull up pants, no hats or beanies etc.). Walk around the school grounds and surrounding area and keep abreast what is happening. 

Dismissal Supervision (School is dismissed at 3:45pm) Arrive at 3:40PM. Walk around the school grounds and surrounding area and keep abreast of what is happening. Encourage students to go home and not to hang out at the school or loiter outside the campus. 

Field Trip Assistance and Supervision Serve as a chaperon when students are scheduled to go on a field trip. 

Fundraising: Help students fundraise for school events like dances, prom and senior activities by participating in fundraising activities through chaperoning or planning. 

Office Support: Assist office staff with making copies, assembling and mailing school newsletters, general correspondence, etc. 

School Beautification: Assist our staff with janitorial services, cleaning tables, picking up trash, the floors etc. 

 Leadership Committees School Coordinating Council Committee members provide on-going feedback and recommendations to help improve the school.

School Board of Directors: Committee members review the school’s overall progress. Meetings are held on a quarterly basis. 

Academic Support Saturday Parent Workshop Participation: Participate by attending workshops offered on a monthly basis, a schedule will be posted with the workshop dates and times in the next few days. 

Classroom Visits: Parent are encouraged to make classroom visits. 

Classroom Support: Provide assistance to teachers on an as needed basis.

*"Failure of a parent to meet volunteer hours or to participate in Charter School’s programs will have no effect on a student’s enrollment, grades, credits or ability to graduate."